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Autumn programme 2020:

Fellow Members,

Until further notice, our meetings  will be online, to comply with Government regulations.

Our autumn programme will continue on Wednesdays, on the dates set out below, at the usual time of 19:30. 

In order to achieve this, we will need to know your email address, if you wish to attend our future online meetings, which will be using the Zoom platform.   Any members whose email addresses are not already registered with the Society should send them as soon as possible to: info@irishhellenic.ie 

You will then be emailed with an “Invitation to Register” before each meeting.

After we receive your registration, we will send you a link with log-in instructions for the meeting. The link is personal to you, as a member, and not for sharing.  For a better experience, we suggest that you have downloaded the Zoom app (application) onto your device.  For computers with Windows, or Mac OS, it is available via the website www.zoom.us, for Android devices from the Google Play Store, and for iOS devices from the Apple Store.

You  will be able to see and hear the Chair and the speaker’s presentation.  If you wish to ask the speaker a question, you should do so only by either typing it using the Chat button on the Zoom screen, or by raising your hand and waiting for your microphone to be unmuted remotely. 

For these webinars, a simplified version of the event will be broadcast simultaneously on our new  YouTube channel: search for the words “Irish Hellenic Society”.  To view the YouTube stream, you don’t need to register or to install any software, but audience participation is very limited. 

We’ll all be learning as we go along.  It will help if we all give the new technology the benefit of the doubt from the outset.  Our meetings will not of course be the same as in the past, but they will be perfectly safe from infection by Covid, and will also offer great new possibilities: we can all attend them from anywhere, not just at one venue in Dublin, and inclement weather is not a deterrent to attending.  If we all try to get on board and contribute to the success of the new technology for our meetings, we will gradually learn about its benefits for our new world.

Wednesday 14 October, 7:30 pm: 

Theo Dorgan: Eternal Orpheus, an enduring life in myth
The figure of Orpheus as the archetype of the lyric singer has proved perennially attractive to poets and composers. The basic architecture of the story is straightforward and plain, but the power of the myth rests in how, generation after generation, the figure has proved surprisingly flexible and relevant. Theo Dorgan’s Orpheus is a figure very much of and for our time, while credibly presented as of his own time and place.

ORPHEUS is published by Dedalus Press, and is obtainable from:

Wednesday 11 November, 7:30 pm: Dr Margaret Desmond 

Ancient Rome reimagined as a ‘fire regime’.
In this talk, the ancient city of Rome is re-imagined as an urban fire regime.  Using this concept from modern fire science, the way in which periodic fires (460 BC to AD 410) reshaped Rome in terms of architecture and technology, history and politics can be illustrated. Fires acted as a catalyst for change, were used to shape the streetscape, and allowed leaders to build in their own image and likeness. Fire – and the threat of fire – also had an effect on the social and psychological well-being of the citizens; although the written sources are largely silent about the loss and trauma resulting from fires, a glimpse of this human experience can be seen in contemporary comparisons.

Sunday 6 December: The Christmas Lunch.

The intention of the Society  is to hold our annual lunch in the Royal St. George Yacht Club, Dún Laoghaire.

If this event can in fact take place, we will inform you, in sufficient time.

Wednesday 9 December, 7:30 pm: 

The Irish Revolution 1916-1923: 
Michael Barry tells the story of the Irish Revolution (1916, the War of Independence and the Civil War) in an illustrated talk. Michael’s newest book, with 650 illustrations, is a marvellous compendium of these crucial years. It can be purchased online from: www.books.ie

We wish all our members the very best of health and look forward to working with you as we all adapt to our new world.

For queries, please email: info@irishhellenic.ie




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